Making Chapathi is a very easy process, and once you get used to playing with the measurements, you can start eye-balling like I do. I decided to do some measurements to help the newbies. I got 5 chapathis with the following measurements

1.5cups flour

3tbsp oil

salt to taste

2/3 cups water

Throw the dry ingredients together and add the oil, and I like to add the water in parts, just so I don’t over do it 🙂 In case you have excess water, just add more flour and it will even out.  Play with the dough really well, so everything mixes well, and I am told the more you knead, the softer your chapathis get

Make individual balls and roll it out. Put it on a pan – non-stick is good or a regular stainless steel should work fine. Put a little oil on the pan and put the rolled out dough, I like to  move mine around on the pan, so it doesn’t get stuck, and it cooks evenly. I also put a lil oil on a kitchen towel, and just dab on the chapathi as it cooks

Once done, you can serve it with some curry. Or you can use them as wraps as well. I have attached two pictures for this one.


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