Chicken Briyani

Making Chicken Briyani can be an intimidating process, however its a very easy Indian dish! This wasn’t my first time in making briyani but I have never made it in an electric rice cooker! Saturday was the day! I worked with precision because I did not want a briyani disaster, after all its Kingsley’s first time eating my briyani. His report after eating it was that I beat the lady he thought was the best in briyani here in Wellington. I don’t think he was trying to impress me 😛 because he ate a WHOLE LOT.

The following is the measurements that I used. You can play around with the numbers depending on how many people you are cooking for – all you need to remember is: you need to have lots of “gravy liquid” – more info on that below.


Chicken: I skinned and soaked the chicken in salt and lemon juice (something my mom taught). This removes the stink and slippery fat feeling on the meat (did that sound gross? LOL). Give it a good rinse and let it sit

Onion:I cut a good amount of 0nions.  I went with 2 large onions

Tomatoes: Dice 3 juicey tomatoes

Ginger & Garlic Paste: You can get this at the store, or you can make a home-made mixture of garlic and ginger, and get about 4tbsp worth of it.

Chillies: Depending on your taste, chop up a few.

Heat some oil in a good size deep pot. Often ghee is used in Indian dishes, but since I didn’t have any, I added a little butter for some flavor along with the oil. When the oil is hot, throw in some jeera, and a few small pieces of cinnamon stick. Add your onions and sauté until it becomes clear.

Next add the ginger and garlic paste. Mix everything together and let it cook. Put a bay leaf or two. Couple of minutes later add the tomatoes.

Masala powder is what you will need next. I have a Briyani masala mix, so I added 2 tbsp to the onion-tomatoes mix and let it cook. There won’t be much water, so I added about a cup and let it cook for a minutes. Next I added the chicken and gave everything a good stir – and added the required amount of salt.

As it cooked, I added 2 more cups of water, and checked the masala quantity and added a bit more of the briyani masala to balance the spice-salt proportion. Add some fresh minced coriander. I let this cook in the pot, until the chicken was completely done. Once it was over, I had lots of thick gravy. This is vital for the next step.

I took 3 cups of  rice and washed it really well in water. Often people directly cook the rice without washing, I have been taught to wash to remove the dirt, sand, and every other powdered rubbish. Also: The smell of washed rice once cooked is different than when its not washed

Rice has a 1:2 ratio when cooked. Coat the bottom of the electric cooker pot with a little bit of oil. I keep the water for last, and measure the gravy liquid. I used 3 cups rice. I got about 3 cups of gravy 🙂 and I used 3 cups of water. I mixed the rice with the water and the gravy liquid with the chicken together. Check for salt and add some accordingly.

Turn the rice cooker on to cook, and you are done! Once its over, I let it sit for a little bit and moved it to a serving bowl.

I served it nice and hot with lots of love and some home-made raita.



  1. Thanks for the recipes, Beula. Very nice blog! I’m curious about making Biryani in a pressure cooker… could you share a recipe/directions for that next time?? Love you!

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