When I think of Raita, I think of mom’s friend Sally in North Carolina. My mom introduced her to raita and Sally ate that for every possible meal. Its quick and easy.






Tomatoes (optional)




Chop the cucumber and onions really thin and tiny. According to my mom you shouldn’t have the need to munch the cucumber and onion, so it has to be that tiny and thin. When it comes to the ginger, its really meant for a splash of taste, so you need a reallllllly small of piece of ginger, and that has to be cut smaller than the cucumber and onions. Cut some fresh coriander. Put all of this in a bowl, and add a generous amount of plain yogurt. My mom would add a spoon (tsp / tbsp depending on the quantity) of Mayo for some flavor. You can avoid this and it won’t affect the raita.

If you are adding the tomatoes, wait until you are going to serve it. Growing up in my home, mom made the raita and let it sit in the fridge until it was served.


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