Chick-King Fry

If you were me or Kingsley you order a tandoori / chicken 65 appetizer when you got to an Indian restaurant 🙂 Ofcourse you could go through the process of making it restaurant style – BUT – I decided to do my own style with some really BASIC ingredients and it actually tasted SO good!
  • Chicken Breasts – cleaned and cut
  • Chilly Chicken Masala / Tandoori Chicken Masala (go for something that is not just a plain chicken masala)
  • Oil
  • Lemon Juice
Put the cleaned cut chicken breasts in a bowl. Add the chicken masala, lemon juice and allow it to marinate for an hour.
Heat some oil and add the marinated chicken breast pieces. I made sure the oil in the pan was not REALLY hot, because I wanted it to slowly cook and get crispy brown than go brown to black immediately.
Serve it hot with some ketchup or mint chutney.
If you have something equally easy, LET ME KNOW 🙂

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