Aloo Parata

Aloo parata probably is a “frozen” delicacy that I am used to buying from the supermarket and cooking it in a pan when I felt like eating paratas … Well I gave it a try and I don’t think I am going to buying any frozen aloo paratas or paratas any more 🙂 Give this a shot and you probably wouldn’t either.

I have given measurements here, but you don’t have to follow it – TOTALLY EYEBALL IT if you are like me 😀



    For the Roti:
    4 cups Wheat flour
    2 cups warm water
    4 tbsps milk
    1 tsp salt
    For the Filling:
    2 – 3 potatoes , cooked and mashed
    1/2 tsp chilli powder
    1/2 tsp jeera
    1/2 tsp curry or garam masala powder
    1/2 tsp garlic paste
    1/2 tsp ginger paste
    pinch tumeric
    fresh coriander chopped


    1. Mix the ingredients to make the roti into a soft pliable dough
    2. I then took a lemon-size ball of the dough and rolled into discs (medium thick). I then put a generous amount of the filling in the middle and spread it out. I made another dough disc and put it on top of it, and sealed the ends by folding the dough discs together and rolled it out nice and flat and even
    3. Heat an iron griddle and cook the paratas with oil or if you want to splurge, cook it with generous dabs of butter on both sides
    4. Serve it with some curry, I had some left over butter chicken curry that went great with the paratas. People also eat this with raita and some pickle

    I added some minced onions as well. Feel free to use more spices if you choose

    Add all the ingredients to make the filling in a bowl and mix well. Make sure there are no potato lumps


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