Red Curry

Kingsley says I pretty much eat anything unlike him. I do enjoy all different kinds of food and Thai is one of them. I luuuuvvvvv red curry and I definitely wanted to make some at home. This probably maybe considered cheating but I bought a “Red Curry” paste at the Supermarket.
  • Red curry paste
  • Oil
  • Can of Coconut milk
  • Veggies
  • Meat of your choice
  • Brown Sugar
In a pot add the oil and when its hot add the red curry paste and let it cook. If you are using meat, add that next, if you are not go in for the veggies. I went for the frozen veggies (totally making life easier on this one), and I let it cook. After a while I added the can of coconut milk and mixed in some brown sugar.
I served it over a bed of rice. It was GOOD 🙂

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