Home Made Pancakes

I discovered my love for pancakes in my teens, and believe it or not, making home-made pancakes was something I enjoyed doing at that time (besides caramel custard!). Being a kid who was maturing, I made my pancakes so big and round it was really hard to flip, but they turned out edible. Kingsley and I have pancakes for Sunday morning before we head to church. I guess that’s something of my Hope College days that still lives on. Every saturday no matter how awful the snowstorm was outside, my friends and I made pancakes at 10am – and we always had a packed house of 20 people. Unbelievable for a college student!!!!


  • 1 cup flour
  • 1tsp baking powder
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 cup milk
  • Oil / butter for the pan

Combine your dry and wet ingredients together (the first 4 mentioned) and make your batter. Make sure you don’t have any lumps in it!

Heat a pan / griddle and pour your batter on it – cook evenly on both sides – it will brown up and look all nice and fluffy (YUM!) – don’t let it get really brown and burnt!

When done – serve it with warm maple syrup. You can also try it with peanut butter – I have done this and its good!  I like to eat mine with bananas or strawberries – so you can do that as well. If you like to be bad and splurge, throw a dollop of whip on a pancake  🙂

This post makes me laugh because before kingsley and I married, his friends in NZ said that I (Beula) would only feed him fish n chips and burgers and pancakes – so here’s to all of them – this post is dedicated to all those people,  hahahaha  🙂 ….



  1. Hey Beula, we should have a breakfast cook up for every one at work sometime! You can do the pancakes, I’ll cook the eggs benedict!

  2. hey beuls.. thank u for makin ths wonderful blog.. i am new at cookin and i so enjoy tryin out watever u hv made… jst the other day, i wanted to hv pancakes but didnt knw the exact measurements and voila… there is ur blog to my rescue and the pancakes came out gr8.. so keep cookin, keep blogging and i shall keep tryin.. keep up the good work:)

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