Fried Chicken

When we got married the overdose of indian food was just over the top. I think by the time I left all I wanted was a salad – no masala and no spice. Plain simple food to ease my digestive system. Kingsley was kind enough on days to get me out to eat something other than indian food. Then came days when I craved Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC). India has them, so we ate fried chicken from there, and then we tried another place called Merrybrown which I won’t recommend for hygiene purposes and finally we found another chain called Chick-King that had really good fried chicken.
Nothing compares to home made fried chicken. In some ways its cleaner, fresher and possibly even healthier. There are SO many ways of making it, here is what I tried and we loved the crunchiness and the taste – IT WAS SO GOOD 🙂 I am sure there will be other fried chicken recipes that I will post on here, but until then here is version 1

  • Chicken – skinned!
  • Lemon Juice
  • Salt
  • Yogurt
  • ginger paste
  • garlic paste
  • Chicken Masala powder
  • Bread crumbs
For the marinade: Mix lemon juice, yogurt, salt, ginger & garlic paste, masala. I let the chicken sit in the marinade for a few hours.
I tossed the marinated chicken in bread crumbs and coated it really well.
Heat oil in a frying pan. I cooked the chicken on medium heat, so it browned really well instead of burning on really high heat. Put the fried chicken on some absorbent paper and drain out the oil.
Serve it with some home made fries or home made coleslaw (hmmm I guess I should put up my recipe for this sometime!)

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