Satay Sauce

Almost all of us have come across Satay Sauce at an Asian restaurant … its such a delicious sauce that when we were in South Island eating at a restaurant by Lake Tekapo, I told kingsley that we need to try it at home. Fast forward 10days, I said the same thing when a bunch of our friends ate dinner on a Sunday night at a restaurant in the city.
I still never did get to it, until one day when we were walking through the supermarket and I picked up a little cooking booklet that had the recipe!!! I tried it the next day and it was just SO good and surprisingly very easy.
I didn’t add any veggies or meat to this sauce, because we had an overload of fat this week, and we just wanted to eat something very simple, so I just tossed this with some migoreng noodles – it was a perfect dinner! very quick and easy to put together as well 🙂
Here is the basic recipe to make yourself some home made Satay Sauce!
  • Peanut Butter
  • Soy Sauce
  • Chilli Sauce
  • Warm water
In a microwable bowl, spoon out the required amount of peanut butter. Heat this in the micro for about 30secs, to soften the PB. Add some hot water to loosen it up and add the required amount of soy sauce and chilli sauce.
Give this a good mix and add more hot water if you want to more liquidy, or add more PB if you want more of the nutty flavor. We get the extra crunchy PB, so the peanut pieces in the sauce give a good crunch!
I tossed this with some noodles and served it immediately … IT WAS SO GOOD!

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