I had talked about making kesari before we got married. Kingsley ofcourse wanted to try what I was talking about (since I said it was good 🙂 ) and finally the day arrived! Well before I made it, kings and I ate some kesari made by my some friends here in the city. After he ate this, they all got a no-no and I WON!!!!! Kesari is easy to make especially when you use ghee.

You can go to the indian supermarket to buy ghee, if you can’t get a hold of it, you can melt some unsalted butter on low heat and let it stay on the fire for a while.


  • Rava Semolina – get the coarse kind
  • Ghee
  • Sugar
  • Water
  • Raisins
  • Cashews
  • Food color (of your choice)
  • Vanilla essence

First roast the rava over a medium hot pan. You don’t want to burn this up, so make sure you have your eyes on this …

In the mean time boil some water and add lots of sugar to it. Once the water is boiling and the sugar has disappeared (you might want to taste the sweetness of the water and add more if required because this is a dessert) – toss in the roasted rava. The rava has the tendency to drink up the water- so act fast, and drop in the food color and a few drops of vanilla essence and stir away. I had some extra hot water handy to add. You don’t want it dry!!!!

When the water was boiling, I heated the ghee in a pan and added the cashews and the raisins. I had this ready and I added this to the rava mix in the pot and mixed it all really well. The ghee is the important factor that seperates the good kesari from the average one! and my mom has always roasted the cashews in ghee and never tossed the cashews directly into the rava mix, because that extra crunch makes your kesari extra special…

This makes a great evening snack or a dessert. Serving it warm is highly recommended 🙂


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