Egg Bhurji ~ FANCY Scrambled Eggs

It feels like time hasn’t stopped since this past weekend. We have been on a roll since Friday and with all of our busyness – there has always been the need to cook something QUICK but yet delicious…. So here is a twist to regular scrambled eggs and thus it gets a glorified named “BHURJI”… I came across this recipe ages ago, and when I was working out, I remembered this; since I had an hour to come home, shower, make dinner, eat dinner, get ready and leave – so here is what I quickly whipped up…. a fancy scrambled eggs 🙂



    3 Eggs –
    1 Onion – medium chopped
    2 strands Spring onion  – optional
    Bell Pepper
    2 Green chillies – chopped fine
    Cumin Seeds
    1 tsp Garam Masala –
    pinch Turmeric – a
    Coriander – Freshly chopped 🙂


    1. Alright, so I heated the pan with some oil and added the cumin seeds. Next went in the onions, green chillies and the spring onions. I let it cook for a while. Next I added the pinch of tumeric and the garam masala powders. You can less or more of the spice. I added a bit of water to help the cooking process
    2. I whisked the eggs with a little milk while the stuff in the pot was cooking. I added the Capsicum / Bell pepper and let that cook until it was almost done. Then for the grand finale the eggs. I pushed all the ingredients in the pan to one side and made room for the eggs and let it cook for a little bit on its own, before I mixed everything up
    3. Add the required amount of salt and pepper and it was ready to be served!!!!  Garnish with some freshly chopped coriander. I had some wholemeal pita at home, so it went along great!!!
    4. Note: You can always substitute the egg with Paneer or Tofu and make a cool dish out of that!


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