BBQ Pulled Chicken

I have been fortunate to have been raised in a family that got exposed to a different cuisine. I guess over the years we have eaten lot more non-indian than indian dishes, so eating indian food in Kuwait was a delicacy :). As I have been blogging, I remember what I have eaten at restaurants growing up and have been trying to make them at home. They may not turn out exactly the same but atleast its an attempt 🙂 One of them has been BBQ pulled Chicken. A week ago a friend gave us a slowcooker / crockpot so this is my first recipe using it. YAY!


  • Chicken breasts or thighs – clean and remove the skin
  • Onion – 1 chopped
  • BBQ Sauce – your brand!

Clean your chicken breasts or thighs and put it in the slow cooker. If you are using thighs, its ok because you can remove the bones later. Add your onions and the bbq sauce. Combine all the ingredients well.

I let this cook for about 5hrs. When I walked back home from work to check on the outcome, the aroma was beautiful! and the bones fell right off. I gave it a quick stir and let it sit until I served it.

When it was time, I spooned the bbq chicken in some buns. I also made some homemade coleslaw and served the bbq pulled chicken with some chips and slaw.



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