Chicken Tenders

Here is another favorite recipe… well actually a healthier recipe of a favorite when I was in college in Michigan. My friends and I would go to the college’s snack bar that is called Kletz (means “conversation” in dutch) and we would get Chicken Tenders that came with lots of fries and we sat around and dipped our tenders and fries in either honey, mustard, honey + mustard, or ranch. Ketchup was the last dip of choice!!!

During those college years I got hooked on The Food Network and began collecting different recipes and who would have thought that all those recipes that were stored in my brain would be used on random days. The nice thing about chicken tenders and other kinds of fried chicken is that it is absolutely delish – you are in chicken heaven as you munch down the fat and cholestrol. Most people wash it down with a carbonated drink, so that blows it too!!! I remember watching Robin Miller (Quick Fix Meals) from the food network and she made a healthier version of chicken tenders and after 5yrs of watching that episode, I set out to make some chicken tenders!



    strips Chicken Breast : Cut into


    1. Seasoning: Italian / Moroccan / or just plain salt and pepper – any seasoning of your choice really!
    2. Cornflakes: Crushed, so they are in smaller pieces
    3. Yogurt / Buttermilk: A bowl
    4. Assemble your ingredients on a nice clean surface in your kitchen. If you don’t want to get your hands messy, add the seasoning and crushed cornflakes in a ziploc bag
    5. Remove the skin and fat of the chicken breasts and cut into strips. Give the chicken strips a quick rinse! Dip each strip in some yogurt and then toss in the seasoning and cornflakes so that it gets coated well. The idea of the cornflakes is to replace the otherwise unhealthy crunchy chicken skin! Once you have each chicken strip coated well (so no chicken flesh is seen), place it on a non-stick baking sheet
    6. Place your tray in a preheated 180C oven and cook until the chicken is cooked through and the cornflakey crust is crispy brown
    7. I made some homemade coleslaw (recipe on the blog) and some french fries which you can fry or bake in the oven
    8. It was a complete meal that involved ketchup!


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