Spinach and Walnuts Pizza

We had one of the busiest weekends after a very long time. I am beginning to realize that I am not a big fan of such events, because I can’t sleep in, and I can’t get to sleep at a decent time either LOL. Talk about a major lack of sleep, sunday evening arrives and I feel highly drugged LOL. Well on Saturday, Kings and his bud wandered off for a good number of hours to take care of some stuff, so I decided to bake a pizza and get some chores done too.

I went with an easy crust, but the outcome was good and the two guys seem to have liked it too 🙂 I guess thats what counts eh 🙂 making people happy with what goes in their tummy! Two pictures of the post, lets start with the pizza before it went into the oven 🙂

Pizza base:
All purpose All – 2 cups
Yeast – 1/2 tbsp
Sugar – 1 tbsp
Warm Water – 1/2cup
Salt – 1/2 tsp
Olive Oil / Butter to grease

Tomatoes: 2 medium cut into circles
Spinach: A good bunch chopped (or frozen works too)
Tomato sauce: enough to cover the base
Walnuts: Chopped – about a cup’s worth
Shredded cheese
Green Pepper (Capsicum) – 1 chopped into strips

I made this for lunch, so in the morning I made the dough. Mix the dry ingredients well and add the liquid ingredients and knead away. Place the dough and allow it to rise. In about an hour or so,  it will rise again so knead once more and it will double in size again.

After a couple of hours, place the dough on a well floured surface and roll it out. I used a rectangular tray instead of a circular one, so depending on the kind of baking tray you have, roll it according to that shape.

Add the tomato sauce, and layer with the green pepper, spinach and tomatoes. Next goes the walnuts and top it off with the shredded cheese.

I brushed some olive oil on the crust.

Bake in a preheated 200C oven until the crust gets golden brown. Serve warm!


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