Mango Lassi

I am continuously amazed by how the locals in NZ are so culturally diverse and open in their minds. If I said Mango Lassi amongst my American friends they would have no clue, and trust me I have tried saying not just this but many others Indian dishes and all I get is a blank face. But not over here!!! Everyone is into chicken curry and paratas and though very amusing, it is definitely cool. K & I headed out to a friends place (a well travelled and cultured couple) and I cooked some aloo (potato) paratas, chicken curry AND mango lassi.

Before I go ahead, for those who are about to google Mango Lassi, here is a definition. Lassi is made by mixing yogurt with some water and adding salt / spices or sugar. Lassis’ are really common in India, I remember getting on a local flight in India earlier this year and they handed me a glass of lassi garnished with a coriander leaf shortly after I sat down. I decided to make some Mango lassi – a sweet lassi i.e and I made this by mixing some yogurt, water and mangos.

If by chance you are craving a lassi at the moment and don’t want to make it or don’t have the ingredients, go to the nearest Pakistani or Indian restaurant.

Yogurt: I used home made yogurt and not store bought
Water: 1 cup (less or more depending on quantity)
Mango: 2 cans / You can use Mango Pulp, I just added mango slices and let it do the work. Adding Mango Pulp gives in the additional sweetness and for the mango slices, you might have to add a tbsp or 2 of sugar.

I blended the ingredients well, and let it sit in the fridge until it was ready to be served!

Wasn’t that simple!!! If you are looking for a party drink idea, this is just perfect: Pour the lassis into shot glasses and garnish with a small slice of mango, they are just pretty 🙂


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