Mint Coriander Chicken

I guess the title could go either ways Coriander Mint chicken or Mint Coriander chicken, whatever the name may be, this curry is absolutely delish! You will need a good amount of mint and coriander to make this delicious curry. We have this little mint plant that K is very fond off.  He is dreaming of having a few more plants, so all we have to do is walk over to our “garden” and pick the leaves off these plants. I did that for the mint and went with the coriander that we bought from the market because we don’t have any plant at the moment!



    Chicken drumsticks ( you can go with the thighs if you prefer that)
    1 large Onion : chopped
    2 Tomatoes : medium diced
    2 Green chillies : slit lengthwise
    bunch Coriander leaves : a nice big
    Mint leaves : similar quantity as the coriander
    5 cloves Garlic :
    1 Ginger : medium sized piece
    1 tsp Fennel Seeds –
    1 Cinnamon – stick
    1 tbsp Curry Powder –
    to taste Salt


    1. In a blender, add 1 tomato, mint and coriander leaves, the ginger and garlic and blitz until it is a smooth paste. Once you have that ready, add the fennel seeds and cinnamon stick to some oil. Next sauté the onions until it becomes transparent. Add the diced tomato and the green chilli and allow it to cook for a couple of mins
    2. Add the mint-coriander blend to this, and mix well with the tomato and onion. After a few minutes add the masala powder and mix. Drop the chicken pieces one by one and the required amount of salt. Give this a good mix, without breaking the chicken pieces. I added very little water (1/4 cup or less) and allowed the chicken to cook through. Put the lid on and walk away – the chicken and masala will cook together and the aroma that will wander through the rooms in your place will be awesome. I let the chicken cook on medium heat
    3. The best way to find if your chicken is done is when the meat is no longer PINK!
    4. Serve warm with some rotis or rice


    One thought on “Mint Coriander Chicken

    1. Beaula, I’m Wilma Hart’s niece and I just wanted to let you know that I have been following your blog all summer and love it! I made my first curry dish last night and it turned out great! Thanks for all the time you put into the site!

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