Back in Action for 2011!

After a month long break, I am back to the world of blogging. Trust you had a restful holiday as well, and are delighted to begin 2011 just like I am. It’s been interesting to watch the hits Eaterspot has been getting even when I wasn’t blogging! 🙂 Pretty encouraging. Al right here is a run down of what happened when I took some time off.

K & I began our vacation with a stop over in Malaysia, where we decided to go local when it came to food – we had a fantastic time walking through China town – and man! the food was cheap!

We then flew to India and celebrated Christmas  with K’s family and visited lots of his relatives and a few of mine and ate lots of Christmas cake. I will never forget the day when we ended up eating 8 times … my tummy was very close to tearing apart!

We brought in 2011 in Kuwait at my parents and stayed there until our first anniversary when we had another big celebration as well.  Kingsley published my first recipe book on Jan 15, 2011 as my anniversary present – it had all the recipes posted on Eaterspot.

After a short stop in India, we headed towards Thailand and then got back to NZ!

Highlights of the trip are definitely capturing the many food moments of both of our mothers – I will share the recipes SOON!

We got back, went around for house decor shopping, unpacked and have moved into our first home 🙂 We have a couple of guest rooms to host, so if you are in the mood for a vacation, call us! Shall post pics soon 🙂

Blessings …


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