The Power Booster

I’ve grown up in a home with a juicer – and that means mom juiced up veggies and fruits pretty often. Thankfully, we all enjoyed it! haha … Drinking fresh juice is not just refreshing, but very healthy – and the best thing is you can always mix in some veggie with a very fruity drink, so the celery that you can never munch down can go in this drink – and yes! my mom did that, and we could never taste it! All you need to make your own juice is a …. JUICER! So if you don’t have one, I would totally recommend getting one. The recipe I am sharing today is something that I have drank many times growing up, and now I wake up each day and juice the following fruits before I head to work. And for a coffee lover, I have opted to drinking juice each morning.


Carrots – 3

Apples – 3 (Gala)

Oranges – 2 medium

Wash and roughly chop the fruits. There is no particular order for sending the fruits through the processor – but I have always done it in a Carrots, Apples and finally Oranges order.

I give the juice a quick stir, pour it in a glass and drink it down. You definitely don’t want your juice to be sitting around because it starts to seperate and form layers.

So always juice and drink it down!

How’s that for a simple and short recipe 🙂


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