Happy 1st birthday!

A year ago today, it had just been a couple of months since I had moved to NZ and for a person who has always had an overflowing schedule, going to work wasn’t cutting it. I wanted to do more! So that night K suggested I start a food blog, and we set up EATERSPOT. He came up with the name and we got on to wordpress and set up the account.

It’s been a very fun year blogging about food. I realized that while I am not a great tamil speaker, I definitely am able to connect with my culture and express the hospitality that is part of my culture just through food. I think I also was able to break the invisible barrier i.e. the inability to cook just because you are a newly married Indian wife. Along the way, I began noticing my friends taking pictures of the food they made and uploading it on to facebook. I realized that I had spread the love of cooking and home cooked food! YAY!!!

Thanks to those who tried out my recipes last year and for giving me feedback. In Jan this year, as an anniversary present, K published my first cookbook. I now need to take some time and edit the recipes and get the book to a printing press!

I don’t think there is any turning back now. I am officially sucked into the world of food blogging!

And this is my kitchen ๐Ÿ™‚

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