A Thanksgiving post

I love how my life has been influenced by a couple of cultures. Though Indian by blood, I have a lot of Arabic and American influence in my life and now I live in NZ which of course now contributes to that mix.As most of you know, it was thanksgiving day in the US on Thursday. Last year, K and I organized a thanksgiving party and had every possible thanksgiving dish at the table. It was a lot of food and feasting! This year however with me being preggers and us staying here for Christmas, we didn’t want to have two parties within a few weeks apart, so we skipped the Thanksgiving one and are prepping towards the big Christmas one. However by the end of the day, I couldn’t bear the thought of not doing something thanksgiving. Thanks to a well stocked fridge I had most of the veggies to whip up a very quick thanksgiving type dinner and chicken breasts replaced a turkey.

So here is what went into the meal
Chicken Breasts: I seasoned it with rosemary, garlic, salt and pepper. Sprinkled bread crumbs and for prettiness added some lemon wedges. Drizzled it with oil and baked in a 250C oven until it was cooked. The breadcrumbs added a nice touch to it.

Creamy Potatoes: I peeled and diced the potatoes into chunks. I pressure cookered it for a quick outcome, you can boil it though. I like to add whole cloves of garlic to the potatoes while they cook for the flavour. While the potatoes were cooking, in a bowl I mixed some sour cream, butter, a little mayo, salt, pepper, shredded cheese of your choice, diced olives (a first in my house), a little mustard. You can also add some freshly chopped coriander or parsley for a burst of flavour. Once the potatoes were done, I added them to the bowl and gave it a gentle toss.

Buttered Corn: Very simple! Frozen corn, butter, salt and pepper in the microwave for a few minutes and it is done!

Creamed Peas: Frozen peas, a little garlic, butter, salt, pepper and in the microwave it goes and once done, add a bit of cream and toss in some shredded parmesan

Broc & Cauli mash: I had these two veggies in the fridge and this worked perfect and was just delicious too. I cooked the florets with some garlic cloves until soft. Then I mashed it up, added sour cream, butter, salt, pepper, and it was done!

Took me somewhere between 60-90mins to get this together. I worked at light speed and the food tasted delicious for a preggy lady 🙂 K loved it too!

Hope ya’ll had an awesome thanksgiving! I definitely have loads to be thankful for this year… the first being baby jello has been an excellent little kid giving me no trouble and I am enjoying this pregnancy… its crazy how awesome its been from the day we found out – my baby hasn’t made me throw up! Hallelujah … Now that we have gone past this day, its time to get the christmas tree out and get to the christmas recipes.

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