Onion Tart

Well Hello there …. LONG time no see! Yes I have been pretty tied up in baby world lately, so its taken a while to get a post up! Anyways without getting into more reasons of not blogging, lets just get to the recipe. I came across an Onion Tart recipe shortly after lil Ms. Thomas arrived. Mum and I would watch the Food Network when we had some free time and one day while watching the 5 Ingredient Fix (Claire Robinson) I came across this recipe. A few weeks ago I gave it a shot, and loved it. Even if you don’t like onions, you should give this a shot, trust me you won’t smell like an onion afterwards. I don’t have much time to patiently work on making my food look pretty because of the baby, so if my pictures are a bit weird, its all because of the baby hehe …

Frozen Puff Pastry – 1 sheet, thawed
Onion: 3 large (of the sweet variety), thinly sliced
Stock: 1/3 cup (you can use chicken, beef or veggie stock, totally your preference)
Thyme sprigs: 4
Olive Oil: 2 tbsp
Black Pepper

Preheat your oven to 200C

Cook the onions along with the thyme, some salt and pepper in the olive oil until the onions begins to brown. Slowly add the stock and allow the onions to caramelize. Once done, set aside. This whole process should not take a long time! Don’t forget to remove the thyme sprigs off, the leaves should have fallen off while cooking.

Next, get your puff pastry. Cut them out into rectangles, if you are serving this as finger food, you might want me to make your rectangle smaller. Cut out an inch of each side of your rectangle. Place the puff sheet on the baking tray. Dip your finger in water and run around the edges of the rectangle and replace the removed strips of pastry (the 1 inch strips) along the edges of the sheet, pressing it gently so that it will stick. Bake until the edges have puffed up – should take about 15mins.

Once done, spoon the cooked onions and heat in the oven for about 5mins and serve immediately.


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