The Rainbow Party

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Upon a lot of demand on my daughter’s birthday planning details, here is the post with hopefully all the details about our first birthday party that I spent more time planning and organizing than my very own hot pink Indian wedding.

The Planning: Those who know me really well will know I like planning ahead and getting everything organized ahead of time :). So when D turned 6mos, I began thinking about her first birthday party. I chose not to go for Disney characters because in a few years she will most likely want a Disney character theme party. I then came upon the idea of a rainbow party! Absolutely colourful which is just the perfect way to celebrate the first year.

The Timeline: As you can see in the picture, I had a birthday file that went with me to a lot of places and I jotted down notes as I was inspired. It had ideas of the birthday invite, different options of wordings, the guestlist, the decoration ideas, the layout of the venue, the menu, and every random detail that was part of this party.There were a lot of details so by the time December came around I had a decent idea of what was going to be there. January we began shopping for the decor. Early Feb, I began to slowly buy the rest of the items needed.

The Menu:

1. Tandoori Chicken legs with mint sauce
2. Filafels with homemade hummus
3. A plate of olives, shaved ham, beef pastrami, etc…
4. Breads and Dips
5. Kesari (a semolina indian sweet)
6. 6 Layer Mexican Dip with chippies
7. Rainbow Jelly
8. Egg salad sandwiches
9. Chicken caesar sandwiches
10. Rainbow Fairy Bread
11. Rainbow Sprinkle Cookies
12. A Pink chocolate fountain with rainbow marshmallow pops
13. Rainbow juice bar – different coloured juice and there was a cafe in the venue that we had requested to use for the occasion.

I made a rainbow smash cake for Miss D and we ordered a beautiful rainbow cake for the guests to eat.

The Other Details:
1. Taste the Rainbow – I had different types of lollies and colourful bags at the candy bar. I can tell you the adults had a ball!
2. Kids Crafts table – Crayons, Colour pencils and sketch pens to colour and things to make crafts with. There was also a Rainbow Nail polish salon for the little girls.
3. The Goody Bags: All the kids got goody bags with fun little things, I loved making the rainbow playdough.
4. Rainbow Photo Wall: We had a rainbow photo wall made up of balloons representing the colours of the rainbow. We encouraged our guests to get a picture taken and mailed it to them.
5. Water bottles: We had little water bottles that had a rainbow water bottle label on them – absolutely cute 🙂
6. Destiny’s Capsule: We asked the guests to write a note for D for her to open on her 18th birthday.
7. The 52 weeks: We took a picture of D each week and had all the 52 weeks displayed.

There were LOTS of balloons – K thinks there were over 100 of them! There were colorful streamers and I made 6 tissue paper flowers.

As you can see there were tons of details so lots of prep in the months prior were needed!!!!I work full time during the week, would come home at 5:30ish and make dinner, feed D, get her in bed and do birthday prep work. Two weeks before the party all the shopping and prep was done for the non-perishables. Couple of days before the party, I made the playdough and sealed the goody bags for the kids. So all that was left to do the night before and on the day was food prep and LOTS of decoration (4hours worth).

The Outcome: We loved that those who came had a grand time. We wanted people to laugh lots and eat and socialize and that’s what happened. A couple of our good friends organized a few games. Over all it was a great party and it was worth putting all the time planning, organizing and working towards celebrating D’s birthday!

Can’t wait to plan her next birthday! 🙂


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