Kiwi fave Steak, Salad and Spuds

YAY for Monday and YAY for a new week !!! Hope its been a good weekend for you? It was all busy-busy-busy for my family and not a whole lot of rest for me, so I am hoping to catch some extra zzzzs this week to make up for that … I am pleased to have a guest blogger here at Eaterspot today. Mille from Cheap and Healthy Dinners NZ has a very Kiwi recipe to share, so I hope you enjoy

Pls make sure you check out her a facebook page and give it a LIKE when you are there … She has some real easy, family and budget friendly recipes!

On to the recipe

Hi there Beula, and friends of Eaterspot!!

I started a Facebook page in February called Cheap and Healthy Dinners NZ and am loving running it! I post often, mostly the simple, cheap and healthy dinners I make for my family of 6 (that’s four sons!). We seem to eat a wide range of foods, as I love experimenting with food (I’m absolutely a home cook, nothing fancy or trained here!) and I am a big “use what I’ve got, and throw it all together” gal

Today’s “recipe” is a beautiful simple family fave of meat, spuds and salad

Mash:**_ 6 cloves garlic peeled, half a pumpkin, peeled and chopped, 6 spuds, peeled and chopped – boil together for 20 mins and mash – add a good grind of salt and pepper and a curl of butter/splash of milk/scoop of cream cheese if you wish!

Salad: **_Put into bottom of salad bowl, a thumb of grated fresh ginger, good glug of sweet thai chilli sauce, and a generous squeeze of lemon, ground salt and pepper – combine. Toss through a big handful of shredded spinach and mint, peeled strips of 3 carrots, handful of slivered almonds, half a finely chopped red onion, half a finely chopped tomato

I used Porterhouse steak (because of cost) but much prefer medium rare Scotch Fillet….YUMMO

Would love you to pop over and visit my page if you’d like to see and also share your own cheap and healthy dinners!!




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