Chicken & Vegetable Pie

I LOVE pies … whether they are sweet or savoury it doesn’t matter, I love the crunch and the crispiness of a pie … soooo good! The cool thing about a pie is that it is a freezer friendly meal, so if you can make a bunch like I did, you can stick it in the freezer until you really need it! It takes 15-20mins to bake and you have a delicious meal that you can eat with a salad or just eat it with a squiggle of ketchup on the side.

The recipe idea presented to you is pretty basic – it’s got chicken, potatoes, carrots and mushrooms. The filling ingredients can be changed to your preference. I feed a four year old at home, so my filling had to be ‘kid-friendly’ so I went with this and it was a huge success with her. She ate TWO pies and was stuffed !!!

I used store bought puff pastry because honestly as a full time working mum I couldn’t be bothered rolling out lots and lots of puff pastry to make these but if you do have lots of time and don’t mind kneading and rolling out pastry, go for it!

I have put together the recipe in much detail as I could think of, so hope it is easy for you to follow!

Enjoy!!! and let me know if you make it …

  • Servings: 10-piece
  • Difficulty: medium
  • Print


  • Course: main course
  • Cooking Technique: Baking
  • Preparation Time: 30 minutes mins
  • Cooking Time: 20 minutes mins


5 sheets of store bought puff pastry sheet
1 large chicken breast diced
1 onion chopped
1/4 tsp minced garlic
2 medium size potatoes diced
1 large carrot diced
4 button mushrooms diced
2 cups chicken stock
2 tbsps all purpose flour
3 tbsps butter
1 egg
to taste Salt and Pepper


  1. My measurement for the puff pastry is based off the Edmonds Puff Pastry sheets that we can buy from the local supermarkets here in New Zealand. Out of each sheet I got 4 circles which equals to two pies. You could get more or less depending on the size of the circle you are cutting out of the sheet. Some of the store bought puff pastry sheets might only yield a pie each so based on however it works or how many pies you want to make, thaw the puff pastry sheets and then cut out circles.
  2. You will have some puff pastry that will go waste after cutting out the circles, I made that into a ball and rolled it out and cut out little hearts that I then attached onto the sealed pies. You don’t have to do this, I did because it made the pies look real cute.
  3. I worked with the puff pastry sheets while the filling was cooling, so if you are planning to make these pies start of with the filling.
  4. Add 2 tbsp butter in a pan and saute the onion and garlic paste. Once the onions have softened add the potatoes and carrots. I went real basic with the veg ingredients, but you can also add peas or corn or chopped leeks if you wish.
  5. Once the potatoes and carrots start to cook through a bit, add the mushrooms and Season with salt and pepper.
  6. When the veggies were all cooked through, push it to the side of the pan.
  7. Melt 1 tbsp of butter and add the all purpose flour. Once it browns, add the stock and whisk it so there are no lumps. I worked on one side of the pan as on the other side the veggies were there.
  8. Once all the lumps are all gone, mix it all up together. Season with salt and pepper again if needed. The consistency you will have would be thick, so when you spoon it on the pastry it won’t go all runny.
  9. Remove it from the fire and let it cool down. When it was cooling down I cut out my circles.
  10. When you are ready to assemble: spoon couple of tbsps worth of the chicken n veg filling into the middle of the puff pastry sheet.
  11. Brush the edges with some water and cover it with a puff pastry sheet and then using my fingers I sealed it down. Just to pretty it up I used a fork and pressed it down on the edges, so when its baked you can actually see the lines – it just makes the pie look nice.
  12. If you wish to add the heart or a star or a leaf to ‘decorate’. I brushed it with water on one side and then ‘stuck’ it to the pie. The water acted like a glue.
  13. Repeat with the rest of the pies. I ended up with 10. I baked 5 of them right away and then stored the rest of the 5 in a ziploc bag for another time.
  14. Right before you bake these delicious pies, beat an egg and brush each of the pies.
  15. Bake in a preheated 200c oven for approx 15-20mins or until it is golden brown.


1. Make sure the pie is well sealed and there are no cracks. This will help the filling stay inside.

2. Make these right before eating. You want to serve this straight out of the oven as it tastes great when its warm and so crunchy, your guests will want more!

3. The filling can be changed according to tastes and your preference for veggies.


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