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About Me

Hey there!

Thanks for stopping by! My name is Beula and I am the face behind A mum and her blog!  I am married to Kingsley and mummy to Destiny, Jayden(our Heaven baby) & Judah. I live in Wellington, New Zealand.

Those who have been following my blogging journey would know of my Food Blog: My Eaterspot. My food blog began in March 2010 when I moved to New Zealand (from the States) and then in 2017 I was busy with my newborn and a project (Brave Hearts) I launched when our son Judah was 11 weeks, so the food blog had to take a break.19875419_10100405662925155_3904370062289218489_n.jpg

While thinking about returning to blogging, I felt Eaterspot needed to be re-branded a bit, and thus, a mum and her blog was born! I am excited about this new direction, we are going beyond food blogging , so hope you come along with me on this blogging journey!

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