About Me

Hey there!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! My blogging journey began in March 2010, about a month after I moved to the great little nation New Zealand! I am based in the world’s coolest little capital Wellington. When I began blogging, I was newly married and had a whole lot of time in my hands after being at work all day. Thus I began trying out recipes and posting it online.

Over the years I have blogged family favorites, tried new recipes and experimented with kids recipes. I am now a mother of two, one who is mostly open to trying out any food (minus anything green) and the other has just started eating solids.

While I am not typing out a post here, I am either at work, cooking for the family, hanging out with the kids or working on my 2017 project Brave Hearts.

I hope you enjoy the recipes I share and get to try them out at home too! If you are on FACEBOOK, make sure you follow me there!