About Us

So why a FOOD blog?

Well … we got married in Jan 2010. Both of us though Indians come from very different backgrounds and cultures because of where we grew up. Between us we have India, Kuwait and America as 3 cultures that we have been part off before we got married. Food is something that unites everyone, and one day as we were talking about what to eat for dinner, EATERSPOT* came into existence.

K noted that for the many weeks B had cooked, she had not repeated a dish. There was always something new that visited the table everyday when she makes dinner. Thus, we decided to move the recipes out of B’s recipe book (where she handwrites them) into a blog and of course add pictures. We are non-vegetarians who are open to trying lots of interesting food, so we are not looking at sticking to a particular cuisine.

EATERSPOT has recipes that have been part of our family over the years (and possibly generations) and recipes that we are experimenting for the first time. Let us know if there is a recipe out there that we gotta try, cause we will and put it up on our blog to share 🙂


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