Here is some info about the inspiration behind the recipes and the blog:
1. The cooking: It all starts with one main ingredient – where its a vegetable or meat. Then I cook it according to a family recipe (which slants towards the Indian culture) or if I am upto exploring it further, I search around and find something. All the recipes that have made it on eaterspot has been cooked in our kitchen and ofcourse eaten after the picture is taken!
2. Quantity of ingredients: Personally I (Beula) am not the “carefully-measure”  cook. I am all about eye-balling it, and I really cook based on flavor. On certain recipes (bread / desserts page) I have mentioned what the measurements are, otherwise when I mention masala powders (tumeric, chilli, coriander, etc) I really go with the quantity of the other ingredients or the spice level.
3. How do the recipes get selected?: I don’t do any major planning – we do our usual weekly grocery shopping and I plan our meals. I definitely look at incorporating a lot of different food ideas than repeating the same dish over and over again.
4. Time spent: I have not spent a minute more in the kitchen after the blog came into existence. I spend about 60-90mins in the kitchen every evening cooking our dinner and planning our lunch for the next day (and sometimes breakfast) as well. Maybe cooking for 2 takes a short time, or maybe I am just fast in the kitchen, but cooking for this blog does not take any extra time.
5. Cuisine Options: As you would have noticed, we try to cook up lots of things, so a lot of different cuisine options are tried in our kitchen. At the moment we have divided the blog into categories – so hopefully you will find something useful on here 🙂

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