Toum (Garlic Sauce)

Toum is served at every Lebanese restaurant. It’s that delicious sauce that makes grilled meat dishes like Shish Tawook even more delicious. It’s also the sauce that people dunk their french fries into and it’s just so YUM! For my daughter’s birthday I decided to make a arabic feast and so garlic paste had to be made to accompany a few things and it was also an integral part of the chicken shawarmas that I was making. I found a place here in Wellington, NZ that sells garlic paste in a jar but it just wasn’t hitting the mark -…… Read More Toum (Garlic Sauce)


On one of our recent trips to Kuwait, K and I went to this restaurant that had dishes from various middle eastern countries. We picked a few different dishes so that we had a variety of middle eastern cuisine to try from. It was sooooooooo good! Muhammara was one of the dips we got to try with our meat platter and the amazing bread basket it was served with. One will tend to think its probably spicy hot due to the colour and also cause red peppers was used but honestly it wasn’t! The flavour of walnuts shines through this…… Read More Muhammara

Pumpkin Hummus

I love hummus a LOT! I make hummus a LOT at home too … I guess my love for hummus comes from growing up in the middle east and eating lots and lots of it quite frequently. I like making it at home  because of the authentic flavour that supermarket kinds tend to miss … It always humors me seeing the variety of hummus at the supermarkets … aubergine, carrots, spinach type hummus … I like their taste but  have always stuck to my authentic original kind of hummus. My husband had bought a fairly large size pumpkin a few weeks ago, after using it in  few recipes, I still a good chunk left, so I decided to make some Pumpkin hummus …. After making it, I decided to use it in a meal idea, so this post has TWO recipes Read on… Read More Pumpkin Hummus

Hummus – حمّص‎

Middle Eastern cuisine is out of this world! The smell of garlic and fresh baked pita is to die for! Don’t get me wrong, Asian cuisine is good too, but there is so much of overlap between asian cuisine that the only difference between some of the asian dishes could be the amount of spice. But in Middle Eastern cuisine, the food is distinct and all the cooking over charcoal is just AMAZING. Well today I decided to go with a Middle Eastern theme for lunch. My mom always made hummus at home, and though Indians, when there is hummus, warm pita bread, salad and some grilled chicken, we were always happy! I haven’t gotten Kingsley exposed to Middle-Eastern food yet and seriously even though there are so many arabic influenced restaurants around in NZ, they are so not there!… Read More Hummus – حمّص‎