Dal Fry

Got to be honest with you …. I don’t find dal very exciting (sorry if you love it!) …. I think one of the best versions of dal fry I ate was in a friends place in Chicago 3.5 years ago… even my 15mos old daughter thought it was fab back then. While menu planning not so long ago I decided to make this and was hoping it would go down well for dinner and it did! I think I will definitely be making this dal recipe over and over again. I did some research on north indian style dal…… Read More Dal Fry

Murgh Chole

It’s September 1 and that means its officially spring time in New Zealand, however its been raining and its COLD! So I don’t think we are technically out of winter yet hahha … I have spent the last few weeks trying out various recipes based on my pregnant tastes and cravings or cravings of my husb… Read More Murgh Chole

Dal Curry

It’s been almost a week since I sat down to type out a recipe. Life has been a bit crazy with lots going on, so I had to ease on at least one thing to keep me going, thus I ended up not posting any recipes this past week. ┬áJust in case you missed me, sorry for the silence … hahhaha … I make a Da… Read More Dal Curry

Mexican Rice

This rice dish is bursting with flavour – I love the lemon coriander combo and the fresh veggies give it that mexican kick. I served this with some taco chicken (will blog about it in the near future) but if you are not a meat eater, you can cook up some veggies with some mexicano seasoning and serve it with this rice… Read More Mexican Rice

Beetroot Vadai ~ Guest post from Malar’s kitchen

I am Malar. I am from Madurai in India. Cooking has become my passion in the past few years, especially after marriage. Near mom, I never tend to enter kitchen but now I need to. I started to enjoy cooking and it is a great relaxation. Blogging started just for fun in February 2014, which turned me to be a serious blogger!!! I started learning a lot of tips from co bloggers which is totally exciting. Cooking is an art, I believe. You can find Indian style recipes and some fusion recipes in my blog… Read More Beetroot Vadai ~ Guest post from Malar’s kitchen

Vegetable Spring Rolls

I love afternoon teas over the weekends. If there is one thing that I do on a saturday and sunday afternoon if we aren’t hosting folks is make a nice hot cardamon chai and then a sweet and/or savoury to go with it. I married a man who likes the savoury and sweet yummies to go with his coffee or tea, so I am always trying something new and I have started to notice that the Miss 2 year old is really enjoying all these afternoon tea delights that I have been putting together – its honestly a lot of fun sitting together as a family of 3 munching on our yummies, and sipping a cup of tea … so good!!!… Read More Vegetable Spring Rolls

Slow cooker Taco Chicken

As yet another week comes to an end, I hope it has been a good one for you! It was a four day week for me,and I had loads to catch up on workwise between Tues and Wed due to the two short weeks I had the weeks prior. It was overwhelming, but I was glad when it was thursday, and definitely happy that the week is finishing well now that its FRIDAY! YAYYYYYY!!!!… Read More Slow cooker Taco Chicken