Murgh Chole

It’s September 1 and that means its officially spring time in New Zealand, however its been raining and its COLD! So I don’t think we are technically out of winter yet hahha … I have spent the last few weeks trying out various recipes based on my pregnant tastes and cravings or cravings of my husb… Read More Murgh Chole

Beetroot Vadai ~ Guest post from Malar’s kitchen

I am Malar. I am from Madurai in India. Cooking has become my passion in the past few years, especially after marriage. Near mom, I never tend to enter kitchen but now I need to. I started to enjoy cooking and it is a great relaxation. Blogging started just for fun in February 2014, which turned me to be a serious blogger!!! I started learning a lot of tips from co bloggers which is totally exciting. Cooking is an art, I believe. You can find Indian style recipes and some fusion recipes in my blog… Read More Beetroot Vadai ~ Guest post from Malar’s kitchen

Vegetable Spring Rolls

I love afternoon teas over the weekends. If there is one thing that I do on a saturday and sunday afternoon if we aren’t hosting folks is make a nice hot cardamon chai and then a sweet and/or savoury to go with it. I married a man who likes the savoury and sweet yummies to go with his coffee or tea, so I am always trying something new and I have started to notice that the Miss 2 year old is really enjoying all these afternoon tea delights that I have been putting together – its honestly a lot of fun sitting together as a family of 3 munching on our yummies, and sipping a cup of tea … so good!!!… Read More Vegetable Spring Rolls

Mediterranean Pasta

When I plan the meals for the week, I always include something Gluten Free. No one in the house is allergic to gluten, but I have found GF foods helps with weight loss, my mum thinks my health is great when I eat a lot of GF stuff.As much as I luuuuuuuuvvvv meat and now have a child who luuuvvvssss her meat, I enjoy making dishes like this and it was quite funny watching the almost 2 year old eat it and she kept asking for MORE!… Read More Mediterranean Pasta

Chickpea Spinach Curry

Right when we were in the middle of Summer heat here in Wellington, we made a quick jump to Autumn and it has been cold and raining and we have had to turn on the heat pump and bundle up. Its looking like shopping for winter clothes might have arrived sooner than I thought and I will be making more curries and pulling out that slow cooker too ­čÖé If you are in the mood for a curry, this curry, which is vegan by the way, will be an excellent choice to make. Very┬áeasy (as my other recipes) and┬áthe curry is just yum! I like how the flavours aren’t over powering or spicy to make you cry – its mild and easy to eat even if you hate spinach!… Read More Chickpea Spinach Curry

The Indian Macaroni

A few years ago when I arrived in Wellington, a family invited us for lunch. I had moved from the States, so every Indian in town thought I don’t eat Indian food and I can’t cook anything especially Indian! I still feel a lot think the same way in spite of the blog. But anyways, this family had this amazing spread of Indian food made for K, and then they brought out this bowl of macaroni cooked in Indian spices for me. It was hilarious, cause in all honesty I wanted to try the Indian food … I ended up probably disappointing the lady who cooked cause I took a tablespoon worth of macaroni, and I shocked the life out of them when I could not just eat the Indian food but knew what each dish was called We make pasta at home a lot, so when I was going to make something with the macaroni I had in the pantry, I decided to Indianize it! LOL … Hope you enjoy this spicy version! … Read More The Indian Macaroni