Indian Stores

Believe it or not, there are Indian stores all across the world, and slowly these Indian Masala(spice) powders are finding their place in the spice aisles of local supermarkets as well. So take a look at your local supermarket first!

On this page, we are going to start adding information of Indian Stores across the world. If you shop at one in your country and want to add it here so others might benefit, let us know šŸ™‚


Ankur’S Nice N Spice Limited
44 Nelson St, Petone, Lowerhutt
0508 265 877

J N S Eastern Traders Ltd
6 McMillan Court
Wellington City
Wellington 6037
(04) 9392424

Moshims Discount House
243 High Street
Lower Hutt
Lower Hutt 5010
Phone: +64 (4) 939 4004

Newtown 4 Square
7 Riddiford Street
Wellington City
Wellington 6021
(04) 3899826

Khyber Foods & Spices
94A, Stoddard Rd, Mt Roskill, Auckland, NZ 1004
Mahadeo’s Spice & Produce
14, Virginia Ave, Eden Terrace, Auckland, NZ 1003
Mahadeo’s Spice & Produce
7/15 Salesyard Rd, Otahuhu, Auckland, NZ 1006
Singhs International Foods
40, Water St, Otahuhu, Auckland, NZ 1006
Indian Supermarket
180 Durham St, ChristChurch, NZ
Yogiji’s Food Mart
569B Colombo St, Central City
ChristChurch, NZ 8011
Authentic Indian Fine Foods Ltd
235, Sloane Street, Te Awamutu, Waikato, Hamilton, NZ 3800
Khyber Foods and Spices
5 Cross Roads, Shopping Center, Hamilton, NZ, 2005

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