Slow Cooker Chicken Saag

Gosh I love the Slow Cooker! It’s the bestest in every way … it makes food tastes GREAT as it cooks over a few hours. As someone with a very busy life, slow cookers are a life saver, they are handy over a weekday or the weekend. There are no fancy ingredients in this recipe … you will just have to do a couple of things like pureeing the curry mixture but in the end 4-ish hours later you will have a delicious curry to serve. It’s delish with some rice and/or naan/roti … It’s totally kid friendly as long as they don’t mind a green curry 🙂 – the spice is mild, but you can always kick it up a bit if you like heat! Continue reading

Baked Honey Soy Chicken

Here is a delicious recipe that will make both adults and kids smile. I have been meaning to make this for weeks now and was after chicken thighs with skin on them … you know when you really need something to make your dish and you just don’t find it in the supermarkets!!!! I had that issue for TWO weeks and it was so annoying haha …. I wanted the chicken thighs with skin on them but all the supermarkets had them without the skin so I gave in and went with chicken drumsticks … Anyways that’s really not that important, this recipe tastes great whether its drumsticks of thighs. Continue reading

Peas & Coconut Rice

Rice is such an integral part of so many meals served in people’s homes these days. There are so many DELICIOUS ways to cook rice, so if you have been cooking it in just water, then hello! you need to stop and try this recipe out! The inspiration behind this recipe is so simple, you might actually laugh … haha … I had half a red onion and almost a whole can of coconut milk that had to be put to use. I was making rice for a meal while these two things were on the table, so a quick chop of the red onion (I love the color it adds to dishes) and I grabbed a bag of frozen peas, washed some basmati rice and quickly made a beautiful tasting, looking, and smelling rice dish. Continue reading

How to Menu Plan

I am a huge believer in menu planning and my reasons are simple: I stay within budget and I know my family will eat healthier if it’s planned ahead of time. These two are really my main biggest reasons as to why I menu plan. I definitely do enjoy this process and if you know me personally, you will know I like everything organized and planned ahead of time so planning my meals brings absolute balance to my life. Continue reading

Baked Chicken Nuggets

Here is a real cool weekend cooking project! We stayed off introducing store-bought nuggets to my daughter till she was 3.5 … I think we were shifting house over a year ago and I needed a quick work-free dinner the night before we moved so we went through the drive-through and got her some nuggets and chips, and she got a kids toy! I will never forget her excitement! Continue reading

Dal Makhani

Continuing with my experiment with curries you will find on the menu in an Indian restaurant, here is a delicious vegetarian recipe. I have been trialing chapatis for our weeknight dinners on and off lately, so when I planned to make a curry that incorporated lentils, I went with dal makhani. Reason being, I have never really made it before and it sounded a bit more fancy than regular dal 🙂 Continue reading