Phyllo Meat Pie

Phyllo pastry is one of those things I often buy from the supermarket. They are great for quick and easy meals like the Salmon Phyllo Pie or Chicken Mushroom & Spinach Pie … They are also delicious for sweet treats like Baklava. Everytime I have mince on the menu, I end up making some Spag Bolognese and then decided couple of weekends ago to make a Mince Phyllo pie and it was the best decision ever! It was gobbled up real fast and I should say it was real easy to make. For the parents reading, it went down like a treat for my 4 year old. Continue reading

Slow Cooker Chicken Tikka Masala

I am definitely a lot more dependent on the slow cooker this year than ever before. It honestly is like my BFF! haha … A few weeks ago I shared a Slow Cooker Butter Chicken recipe (Click here to read…). I thought of trialling out some Chicken Tikka Masala in the slow cooker and the result was pretty impressive. The family trialled it and it passed with both the adults and the kids! YAY!!!!

As you will see below, the ingredients are not all fancy and complicated so if you have a slow cooker but aren’t a confident cook in the kitchen you will still get the dish right if you follow the instructions.

Let me know how you go! Continue reading

Jewish Apple Cake

What do you do on rainy days? You bake a cake … For some reason or the other I have either a fruit or veg that needs to be used up ASAP … This time it was apples … I was pretty grateful that I got to use 4 in this recipe which meant I only had 6 more left to consume … With winter in full swing here I have been busy loading up my 4 year old with apples, oranges and kiwi fruit every evening …. She kind of got tired with the apples, so in the cake batter it went! Continue reading

Zucchini & Ricotta Cheese Penne

I LOVE comfort food …especially when it is real easy to make … There is nothing that can be compared to a warm bowl of creamy pasta. This dish right here can be made by anyone, its that simple. Trust me you can never go wrong with this! This can be eaten just as OR pair it with a non-veg dish and your guests will keep coming back for more. Zucchini is a great veg to add to pasta dishes when in season … The other ingredient I have used in this recipe is Ricotta cheese … it’s the ingredient that makes the pasta creamy. So delish … let me know if you can make it Continue reading

Garlic Honey Dijon Chicken

You can never go wrong with a chicken recipe … It will most likely become a favourite dish … this recipe is one of those for my family. My daughter is a HUGE fan of chicken so I have a huge list of chicken recipe options cause if I ever over-repeat a dish, I get told off by the 4 year old !!! I had a real busy work week and weekend and I had to slot in easy to make yet delicious and healthy recipes for my little family. I have used chicken thighs in this recipe, but you can also use chicken wings or drumsticks. I also chose to cook them in the oven, but you can cook it over the stove or even BBQ it! Continue reading

Apple Fritters

At the Wellington Food Show last month, we came across a stall called Fruit Direct. We stopped to try their delicious apple juice … it was so good that my little miss 4 year old drank a couple of times and they were kind enough to offer her top ups. We got their details down and bought their Freshly Pressed Apple Juice. Along with the juice came about 20 delicious crisp apples …. I was thinking of recipes I could use these apples in … I have a delicious Apple cake recipe and then I thought of Apple Fritters, I have made Banana Fritters and they have always been a hit at home so I decided to make some apple fritters … and boy! oh boy! the husband and the little Miss fought over these delicious little treats and they were gone within minutes … Yes I know deep frying does not make these healthy, but hey! once in a while its alright … Continue reading

Salmon Phyllo Pie

Well hello! It’s a new week and a crazy one too in my life … I am hoping to post 3 NEW recipes as I do each week but let’s see haha … I am trying not to push myself much, as I am quite busy with a conference that’s happening in 5 days … Anyways putting my crazy life aside … I am really excited to share this recipe with you.

A few weeks ago, my little Miss and I were watching one of Jamie Oliver’s shows and he made this phyllo pie with left over salmon. It looked SO SO SO SO easy to make that I ended up making a note of the ingredients and made it for lunch this past weekend.

We eat a lot of salmon at home and there is always almost a fillet or two left over after we are done with a meal. This is the perfect recipe to use! I recently started buying Sealord’s Frozen Salmon fillets. They are SO handy to use in any meal at any time, you just got to pull it out of your freezer and use it in your recipe. Just perfect for us busy mummies! Continue reading